Miguel & Jackie’s Vow Renewal at the Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey

Rainy Romantic Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Sometimes you want a do-over!

Miguel and Jackie… what a pair of genuinely nice, fun, easy-going people to be around! Their story goes that their wedding the first time around did not go so great – the photos, how they looked, none of it came together. All that apparently had zero bearing on their future life together because despite being as young as they are, these two have been married for 15 years! For year #15 they wanted to do something special and take a second crack at the wedding they should’ve had. No pressure photographers, no pressure…

So what better place for two loving people to come together than a place where wine AND beer lovingly come together! Enter the Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey…if ever we were tempted to drink on the job it was here.

You knew this was going to be fun. After a week of weather watching and amateur forecast predictioning, the rain that was promised didn’t disappoint in the least. Rain. All. Day. Determined to make the most out of wedding day part two, our couple braved the elements with rain falling and all, making for a ceremony to remember. Throw in some rowdy partying afterwards plus a big finish and it looks like their wedding mulligan was a success despite all the weather constraints.


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