Six Quick Posture And Posing Tips To Help You Look Great In Your Wedding Photos

bride posing against red textured wall

“Now, point your chin zees way.  Nu, head back leetle bit..Now look at zee camera, but look away.  Da Da Da Da Da, tilt head this like – ah. You moved.  Vee start over”…So you can get puppeteered by your crazy Russian uncle who took pictures once upon a time in the Soviet Union and appear slightly “off”, or you can follow these few tips so you can tell him, relax chief.  I got it.  So lets explore these fairly comprehensive concepts, shall we?

1. First of all! Its your wedding day!! You better show up to this thing relaxed and beaming.  Designate someone to play bouncer if needed, such as a Van Damme in Bloodsport type. That way, you don’t have to get your hands dirty (We’re only half kidding).

2. Before you pose, don’t…You see that big square box we keep following you around all day with?  Try to act like that box and the creepers behind it aren’t there. We know you may feel the urge to look directly into it and grin ear to ear every time you see it and sometimes that’s fine. But bear in mind we very much see what we do as visually documenting your day.  The instances where your long veil gets stuck on the alter and you literally can’t take a step forward, (shout-out to cousin Carm!!) Don’t feel bad!  Flubs happen.  Those are some of our best shots and the ones you’ll remember most fondly.  It  cannot and shouldn’t be posed all throughout. That said…

3. Get Inspired  We know you’re into Pinterest pretty heavily. It’s totally OK to pin a few of your favorite poses and give them a shot on your big day. It’s actually encouraged. Knowing what you like will be a big help to you and your photographer on the shoot or wedding day. Also, feel free to practice – the mirror is your friend (you vain person you)!


4. Pick a Side If you have a good side, don’t be afraid to whip it out come time for formals.  Most of us don’t have a symmetrical face, so you might consider turning your head toward one side as opposed to looking at the camera directly on.

5. Posture and Such  Sometimes we don’t realize that our posture isn’t 100% until we see it in a photo.  To avoid slumpy shoulders and a sunken chest, pop your shoulders back and slightly puff your chest out (this works for both guys and girls). Be mindful of clinging to yourself  i.e. separate your arms from the rest of of your body for a slimming effect. When you know you are going to be looking in the lens, another tip is to elongate your neck and point your chin down.  And then there’s the hands and arms just hanging around.  A hand in a pocket or on the hips give a little more attitude without trying too hard.  Or you can fiddle with your dress, bouquet, or even, dare we say get close to your new spouse! Just avoid being stiff; it is okay to be goofy and let your personality and mood shine through.

6. Don’t over-think it Thing to remember is to try not to concentrate so hard on how you look…that is why you hired a photographer, right? We know when you look uncomfortable, stiff, whatever.  It is largely up to us to make you look good in your photos:)

Most of all, think positive and try not to stress, the hard part is over! Put that game face on and go make some pictures the grandkids will be embarrassed of.


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  1. Carmela says:

    Hahaha, omg. I’m glad that I could be a lesson learned!!!! Great post 😉


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