About Us

The Faces Behind the Name - 52Forty

Hi. We’re Daniela & Dennis, a DIY-loving husband & wife wedding photography duo based in Philadelphia, PA.

This old ball and chain team recently upgraded our clan – which already consisted of a clumsy duo of pups named Leo & Ellie – with the arrival of Mariella a.k.a M-Pup (too young for M-Dogg status, duh)… the sweetest, cutest, chubbiest baby / photo-assistant-in-training one could ask for.


Overall, most weddings are the same. There’s a ceremony, a first dance, a cake, dancing, yadda, yadda. But looking deeper there are tons of things that make each wedding unique…that quiet moment, that goofy face, that inappropriate dance move your uncle’s been doing since the 80’s…we chase that! Nothing better than surprising clients with pictures they didn’t even know we took. We pride ourselves on being ninja-level mofos when it comes to catching these moments and being able to vividly tell the complete story of your big day. While we’ll cover the basics, we strive to be anything but, always looking for that unique angle to create some magic.